Video: Karin’s depression treatment at the OVID Practice Berlin (SWR1 – “What’s good about … drugs?”)

Andrea Jungaberle

Karins Depressionsbehandlung in OVID

Pharmacologically based long-term therapies are often the treatment of choice for depression. A new approach to helping depressed people is (psychedelic)-augmented psychotherapy, which uses, among other things, mind-expanding substances such as ketamine. The altered states of consciousness induced in this way are then therapeutically integrated. This treatment method, which is still relatively new in Germany, is the focus of Dr. med. Andrea Jungaberle and her colleagues in their OVID Clinic in Berlin. This form of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy differs fundamentally from the purely neurobiologically arguing ketamine treatments at many university clinics and some “ketamine practices”. It is a psychotherapy that is extended and intensified by ketamine (and in the future also serotonergic psychedelics such as psilocybin).

Psychotherapy plus Ketamine-infusion: The OVID Clinic Berlin offers a treatment alternative for depression

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Impressions from the OVID Clinic Berlin - March 2021

5. Oktober 2021

A TV report by Jasmin Steigler for SWR. The report about one of our patients in the OVID Clinic Berlin was written and filmed by Jasmin Steigler (writer and director) (30 min).

Dr. med. Andrea Jungaberle is the medical director of the OVID Clinic Berlin and explains the treatment approach – supported by colleagues. The trailer for this program is available via this link (5 min).

Currently there are no English subtitles available. But you can still get a fresh impression of what the OVID team is doing.