Podcast: Drugs are the answer to what questions after all? Henrik Jungaberle in Wieprechts Wahrheiten

Henrik Jungaberle

Drugs are the answer to what questions yet the same?

In a conversation with scientist and drug expert Henrik Jungaberle, Volker Wieprecht rethinks his plan to celebrate his 75th birthday with an opium intoxication. Why actually drugs and if so, for what purpose?

Wieprecht’s Wahrheiten is a podcast for everyone who wants to explore (with him) the deeper meaning of life.

December 14th, 2020

Wieprechts Wahrheiten Episode 2

We had fun – I was pleased how quickly a flow of conversation developed and we sailed past banalities. It’s worth putting aside the stereotypes in one’s own head – and in Wieprecht’s Wahrheiten – for once and to listen and to speak with an open mind.

Written byWieprechts Wahrheiten – Antworten auf alles was das Leben fragt
Spoken byVolker Wieprecht
Playing time: 1 h und 14 min
Publication date: 14.12.2020
Language: German
ProviderAudible Originals