Expert Interview with Dr. Henrik Jungaberle

Henrik Jungaberle

Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger (University of Mainz), Tura Patterson (Usona Institute), Dr. Henrik Jungaberle (MIND Foundation), and Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gründer (Central Institute of Mental Health Mannheim, University of Heidelberg) speak at the INSIGHT 2019 press conference.

Coming to terms with the past and the new research with psychedelic substances

A New Place for Psychedelic Substances in Psychotherapy and Psychiatry

For some years now, psychedelic substances have again been the subject of research at international universities. Psilocybin and the atypical psychedelic MDMA are quite close to achieving approval as drugs around the mid-2020s. At the same time, the psychedelic field suffers from a certain preponderance of the past: approaches from the 1960s and 1970s and indigenous and religious interpretive frameworks clash with neurobiological and modern psychotherapeutic understandings. At the same time, there are promising new developments such as the funding of depression research with psilocybin by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

At INSIGHT 2021, scientists and therapists, pharmaceutical industry and anthropology, philosophers, and chemists will come together to determine the potential place of LSD, psilocybin, DMT, MDMA, and other psychedelic substances in the treatment of mental disorders. In addition, we will discuss the use of non-pharmacological methods to alter and cultivate states of consciousness and all that it takes to build such unusual states of consciousness a legitimate and safe place in society. And, in 2021, we will again discuss the application of these substances and states for healthy people.

In a series of blog posts, INSIGHT 2021 creators are covering the basics of modern psychedelic culture, research, and conferences. Stay tuned and help the whole field develop the potentials of these substances and learn from the past.

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… (more posts in the next weeks)

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Die Bildergalerie zeigt Eindrücke von der INSIGHT 2019. Wir freuen uns, einerseits mit den wichtigsten Forschern und Therapeuten im psychedelischen Feld zu debattieren und andererseits auch massiv junge Wissenschaftler:innen zu fördern. Außerdem haben wir 2021 dafür gesorgt, dass Unternehmen und Vertreter staatlicher Behörden wie der BZgA eine Debatte über die Besonderheiten psychedelischer Therapie führen können.

  • INSIGHT 2021 - inviting the world to debate progress in psychiatry and psychotherapy

  • We award a number of prizes to established and emerging scientists in the young field

    The picture gallery shows impressions from INSIGHT 2019. We are happy to debate with the most influential researchers and therapists in the psychedelic field on the one hand, and also to massively support young scientists on the other hand. In addition, in 2021 we have ensured that companies and representatives of government agencies such as the BZgA join the debate on the specifics of psychedelic therapy and approval.

  • The panels at INSIGHT 2021 bring together experts from various disciplines At the core of the INSIGHT conferences is to bring every topic and also every mistake in the past of psychedelic substances to the table and to re-evaluate everything. The conference thrives on transdisciplinarity.

    At the core of the INSIGHT conferences is to bring every topic and also every mistake in the past of psychedelic substances to the table and to re-evaluate everything. The conference thrives on transdisciplinarity.

  • Natural sciences meet social science and philosophy minds

    Psychedelics cannot possibly be viewed only from a medical or pharmacological perspective. That is why we are discussing anthropological and philosophical perspectives at INSIGHT 2021.

  • An international audience from all over the world

    As at INSIGHT 2019, we will again welcome guests from all continents in 2021. About half of the audience in 2019 spoke German, the other half came from more than 20 different countries.

  • Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gründer

    One of the leading figures in the research of psychedelic substances in Germany and internationally is Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gründer, who holds the chair of neuroimaging at the Central Institute of Mental Health Mannheim (University of Heidelberg). Gerhard Gründer is a psychopharmacologist and has been searching for new treatment options for psychiatric patients for decades.

  • North America, Europe ... and the world

    The focus of research into psychedelic substances is still in North America, but both basic and clinical research is increasingly present in Europe as well. In addition, other continents, such as South America in particular, are now catching up scientifically based on a history of indigenous and syncretic practices in the use of these substances outside of clinical treatment.

September 9-12, 2021

INSIGHT is the biennial international conference of the MIND Foundation.

The MIND Foundation is a European, non-profit scientific and educational organization that promotes psychedelic research and therapy. Our work is based on the neurobiological and psychological potential of psychedelics to improve mental health and well-being in a clinical setting, for which the scientific base is continuously growing.

MIND is the opinion leader in Germany and Europe when it comes to psychedelic therapies and their scientific basis. We also relentlessly discuss the critical sides of this form of therapy and deal with guidelines and ethical foundations.

Read the INSIGHT 2019 Conference Report

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