Radio: “High sein” – Henrik Jungaberle on a new edition of the drug education book in Deutschlandfunk Corso

Henrik Jungaberle

March 3rd, 2021

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Thank you Ulrich Biermann for your well-informed, thoughtful, and critical questions in Deutschlandfunk Corso.

Drug education book

“For anyone who wants to get a nuanced picture”.

Henrik Jungaberle in a Corso conversation with Ulrich Biermann

Alcohol, coke, pills – the list of available drugs is long, and so is the list of addictions. “High sein (Being High)” is a book that takes a nuanced look at drugs of all kinds. “We have a very dysfunctional relationship with the people who use them,” author Henrik Jungaberle told Dlf.

Being High” is a handbook for anyone who wants to get a differentiated picture of drugs of all kinds, of intoxication and addiction, of effects, side effects and risks. The scientist Henrik Jungaberle wrote it together with the journalist and former addict Jörg Böckem.

At the beginning there is a map, the map for “High-Landers”. A map that leads from the “here and now” to the jungle of confusion over the “ground of facts” to the “beyond of good and evil”.
“Finding the right path on the map is about finding a balance between reason and intuition,” says Henrik Jungaberle.

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High Sein book cover

“High sein –  A Drug Education Book” …

… has been republished by Kein & Aber in 2021 in a revised new edition.

“The more we know about drugs, the better we can deal with them. And the lower the risk of them ruining our health or even our entire lives. The subject of drugs is highly controversial among the public. Substances like alcohol and nicotine are legal and socially accepted, while others are illegal – regardless of the real dangers they pose. Misinformation, misconceptions, and stereotypes dominate the discussions.”

By the way, the chapter on “being down” is just as long as the chapter on “being high.”