Double Review: Michael Pollan and Andrea Jungaberle on “Drugs” as Narcotics and Medicines (Der Standard)

Andrea Jungaberle

"Drugs meint Drogen und Medikamente"

Michael Freund with a double review of Michael Pollan and Andrea Jungaberle in the Austrian “Der Standard”

„Drugs” are both narcotics and medicines

“Read and expand your awareness: Two new books deal with all kinds of “Drugs”: “Coffee Poppy Cactus” by Michael Pollan and “Yoga, Tea, LSD” by Andrea Jungaberle”. That’s how Michael Freund’s double review of two books that deal with psychoactive substances starts. Michael Pollan’s book on the new psychedelic renaissance – “How to change your mind” – has now transformed into a Netflix Series. Many people become aware of the double nature of some drugs through these resources. But there is more to the story: Andrea’s book (and Audible Audio book) “Yoga, Tee, and LSD” tells the story in another way – both personal and through the lens of a medical doctor specialized in intensive care, emergency medicine, and anaesthesia – but also through the eyes of a psychedelic therapist in Germany’s first Psilocybin trial, the EPIsoDE study.

Read the review HERE – and enjoy the similarities and differences between both authors by diving into their latest publications.

17. Juli 2022


Thank you Michael Freund for the double review in the Austrian newspaper “Der Standard“.


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